Backup & Disaster Recovery


When it comes to data, we’re an equal opportunity protector – meaning every single bit, block and file needs to be fully secured against corruption, deletion, intrusion, or total loss. Protecting your information and systems does not need to be a complex task, we at 123 Support strice to make it as easy as can be. Backed by our RMM platform and 24/7 NOC services support, 123 Support’s Data Vault solutions protect all of your data, employing some of the most advanced security and backup features available today. We’re talking built-in data integrity checks, 256-bit encryption, granular backup scheduling and data retention, and automated screenshot verifications of backups. Plus, we natively store backups in a virtual format, making them instantly bootable – with no conversion process necessary. And if you need to, you can easily export virtual images to VMWare or Hyper-V.

hard disk failure with a band-aid over disks

LET US BE YOUR COMPLETE IT SOLUTION supporting all your servers, network appliances and desktops. You’ll be in good hands knowing that your systems are monitored and supported both remotely and locally 24/7 with real-time alerts. Contact 123 Support now for more information!