Mozilla Firefox now Blocks Flash

Earlier this week Mozilla’s Chief Security Officer publicly asked Adobe, the makers of Flash, to kill it off for good. Around the same time Firefox began completely blocking the use of the plugin. 123 Support, LLC recognizes this as big news for organizations as most browsers have depended on Adobe Flash for over a decade and the most recent move by Mozilla could mark the beginning of the end for the often buggy and frequently exploited Flash software.

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A Just Released Windows Update Fixes Kerberos Security Hole

Microsoft has released an unscheduled update to patch a critical security hole that is being actively exploited to hack Windows-based servers. It is important that you update your servers now. Contact 123 Support if you need an assessment of this risk today.

“A flaw in the Windows implementation of the Kerberos authentication protocol allows attackers with credentials for low-level accounts to remotely hijack extremely sensitive Windows domain controllers that allocate privileges on large corporate or government networks. The privilege elevation bug is already being exploited in highly targeted attacks and gives hackers extraordinary control over vulnerable networks.”

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